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The Rest is a newsletter that answer the question, “Why do I continue to dedicate my life to music?” Regular subscribers can expect critical thinking about musicians’ lives and livelihoods in the global pandemic; thoughts on how race, class and gender biases shape our concept of what a musician is and who gets to be one; and notes from my process of active recovery from professional training—turning ghosts into ancestors, renegotiating my relationship to the viola, and building an ethical practice.

Paid subscribers can expect deep dives into selected topics, and regular updates from my process journal as I build a trauma-informed instrumental practice. All subscribers will receive lesson plans, worksheets, Q and A sessions, and other practical tools I’ve used to help hundreds of musicians achieve proven success through over a decade of classes and coaching at the New England Conservatory and The New School.

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One of my motivations in starting this newsletter is my desire to offer my support beyond the places where I usually teach—places where the average net cost of tuition is out of most peoples’ reach. I want to offer help where it’s needed. If you feel a connection to me and the work I’m doing, but don’t have access to funds for the subscriber rates, just email me and I’ll send you a comped subscription.

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Making music in a post-truth world.


Tanya Kalmanovitch

Violist. Associate Professor at The New School. Grist 50 Fixer. Displaced Albertan. Music; oil; climate crisis.