Open thread: "What we pay attention to grows"

If what we pay attention to grows, what do you want to pay attention to and grow over these next 12 weeks? Add your thoughts to the discussion below.

adrienne maree brown writes about “attention liberation”: a practice of intentionally removing our attention from things we cannot shape, and placing our intention on people, practices, and concepts that advance the way we wish things to be. From what (or whom, or where) do you wish to liberate your attention? Where do you wish to bestow it?


Related reading:

adrienne maree brown, “attention liberation: a commitment, a year of practice,”, 1 January 2018

adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, AK Press, 2017. [AK Press] [WorldCat]

Thank you to Wendy Eisenberg for first introducing me to adrienne maree brown through their gifting me a copy of brown’s book, Emergent Strategy.